Wireless Video Baby Monitors Allow You To See Baby’s Every Move

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Quiet sounds wireless video baby monitors are powerful baby surveillance and monitoring systems that zoom in on your child and give you – the parent constant “eyes-on” capabilitites.

This function is different from DVR security camera system which enables comprehensive home video surveillance benefits.

This wireless surveillance camera baby monitoring system allows you to focus on other activities like cleaning, cooking or relaxing while you monitor your sleeping beauty with a child tracking device in your hands.

Any parent would agree that providing a safe and secure environment is a vital part of parenthood and affordable low-noise color video baby monitors are essential especially in homes with infants.

Depending on your preference, if you prefer audio only wireless baby monitor, the transmitter (usually stay with the baby) is equipped with a wireless microphone while the receiver will have inbuilt speaker.

For video only baby monitors, the wireless video transmitter (stays with the baby) is packed with a wireless digital video camera while the receiver (stays with the nanny or mother) is affixed with a monitor.

For both audio-video baby monitor, the transmitter has both wireless microphone and wireless video camera while the receiver has speakers and monitor. Parents usually prefer audio with their wireless baby cam.

Interestingly, the baby wireless video camera transmitter may be configured to activate on sound detection or motion detection.

Meaning, the video baby monitors send signal to the parent when the baby cries, cooees or makes some body movement.

Also, transmitters of some wireless digital video monitors for baby can also be activated remotely from the receiver to allow the parent to see the child even when the child is fast asleep without sound or movement.

You see, no hassle, no fuss, no hole in your wallet, easy install!

If you are using hidden wireless security camera DVR recorder and baby video monitor as your child tracking devices, you have no more worries about babysitter abusing your child. Discreet child tracking is now so much fun.

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