Why Insurance Companies Promote Home Burglar Alarms

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One other interesting thing is you could get considerable discounts up to 20% on your home insurance if you have a home burglar alarm system installed.

Whether you are just moving into your new home or you have been living there for a long time, we highly recommend that you consider wireless home burglar alarm systems. They come with great ease of installation and management.

Besides, the benefits you get from installing a burglar alarm monitoring equipment far transcend theft prevention or intrusion detection. Home security monitoring system may even save you from yourself.

For example, modern wired and wireless home security alarm systems have fire detection and alarm system which triggers when a fire outbreak is detected. This can tremendously reduce damage caused by fires.

Some of these fire detection and burglary home alarm systems have features that can promptly notify the fire department.

In essence, it does not require anyone to be at home before a SOS call is made. Homeowners with teenagers are strongly advised to consider one of these home security alarm systems.

It may surprise you to know that before a single theft or burglar attack insurance claim is reported, up to 10 fire and lightning insurance claims have been reported.

It comes as no surprise then why insurance companies are clamoring for house owners to consider installing fire detection capable home alarm systems.

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