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Did I catch you adjusting your seating position on the word “FREE”?

Ah! You see, nothing is really free. Let’s get this straight: There’s always a catch.

If you honestly think you’re going to get satisfactory quality of service or protection from free security system… sorry to disappoint you… the free package is NOT always enough.

Free home security system option entitled you to an all-in-one (inclusive) easy-to-install package.

However, the package and sensors are barely enough to even secure and average home. You would most probably need to add a few more video surveillance equipment or wireless sensors to complement your package.

Although for basic needs, free home security system package may be sufficient.

By the way, read this page if you’re wondering if home burglar alarm systems are sufficient to secure a home or you want to know what ex-criminals think of those wireless security alarms.

Free GE Security System

US Home Alarm is an authorized dealer of ADT security systems – the biggest in the house alarm security services.

Fill this very basic form to schedule a free appointment form and receive the free ADT home security system offers.

Protect America, an authorized GE Security dealer is also offering Free GE Security system alarm packages.

AlarmForce Home Security provides one of the most competitive pricing in the home security industry.

Click here to see what people are saying about Alarm Force security systems.

But what are the problems associated with these free home wireless security systems?

Now count and work with me here… also think along for potential problems. If you have a few hints or opinion about other issues people shoudl be careful of, click here to give voice to your opinions. Hundreds of people will read and appreciate it.

  • Long term monitoring service CONTRACT!

    Yes, the big word “contract”. Mind you, this house alarm monitoring contract may renew automatically for up to five to six years in some cases. Pheeew! You’re hooked!

  • Should you later wish to add more functionalities or sensors like motion sensor camera, door sensor, window break sensor, etc, you will have to pay additional charges, in fact, you may have to pay contact charges if you need to exceed number of contacts you have.
  • Extra charges such as home alarm monitoring activation charges, installation support charges, police and fire registration charges and the likes.

    Also, certain security system monitoring service features may not be available to you except you pay additional fees.

Wireless Alarm
Security System

Understand that we do not kick against using free home security system neither do we attack any company.

In fact, if all you need is a basic coverage and monitoring that can be provided by any cheap home surveillance system, then the free option may be your best choice. Check out the Free GE security system monitoring equipments provided by Protect America.

Note also that some companies providing free home alarm security systems have very flexible monitoring service packages to fit different budgets.

See a chart provided by AlarmForce Home Security and compare the best home security alarm systems.

AlarmForce Home Security (winner of customer service award) also provides an interactive model to compare home security systems service provider.

Simply type in any alarm monitoring company you know into the box provided on their homepage, locate the “compare against AlarmForce” button and then fire on…

You can click here to find out more effective ways to monitor your properties, be anywhere and see everywhere with DVR home security camera systems.

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