Simple Install DIY Home Security Systems Supplies & Services

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Simple Install DIY Home Security Systems
Supplies & Services

The most simplistic of residential security system tools can be placed in your home without any difficulty, and some of them can cost as little as $10.

General Electric (GE) Security Systems

General Electric (GE) produces a number of inexpensive products under the GE smart home wireless alarm system kit and GE smart home door stop alarm both providing great entry defense.

GE smart home door stop alarm activates when someone tries to open your door.

Combination of these two door access control systems
provides great entry level home alarm systems and security monitoring.

Since this door entry alarm is positioned on the floor as doorstop and doesn’t require installation, it’s a handy device for most world travelers.

You can simply place it beneath the doors of your hotel rooms.

Equally effective is a low-cost GE automatic security light kit
and an ultra-cheap magnetic, battery operated, 2 pack wireless window and door alarm
that attaches to your door and doorjamb, and squeals loudly when the door is opened.


These devices are best installed in any rooms in your house that are rarely used, in addition to gates and windows you would prefer to keep closed for safety’s sake.

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