DVR Security Camera System Allows Freedom to be Anywhere – See Everywhere

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Using a DVR security camera system is currently one of the most effective burglar detection and prevention method a home or business should consider.

Imagine being on holiday on a Caribbean beach and still be able to keep an eye on your children as they run around the house with their pets.

Simply by connecting to your home video surveillance Digital Video Recorder (DVR) security system through your handheld mobile phone or laptop you can have such amazing view.

Not only that, imagine being able to visually monitor that sensitive place in your office anywhere anytime through your hidden video DVR security camera system.

What an incredible freedom that is!

In case you’re wondering what a security camera DVR recorder is and how it works.

A security camera DVR system is just like our two eyes seeing all sort of things, far and near….

(well no offence, my friend who use medicated glasses often jokes that he’s got 4 eyes…)

However, without our brain, our eyes would not be able to decode or even remember any of those things that we see.

You see… it’s that simple.

Our eyes are like the number of pre-installed CCTV security cameras that are fitted with the DVR security systems.


Just the same way you can turn your head, squint or wide-open your eyes to see something far away, or tilt your head to look at something from a different angle, so does PTZ CCTV security camera allow you get panoramic view of your surveillance area.

PTZ cameras for surveillance systems allow you to pan, tilt and zoom so that you can get a more vivid view of your security coverage area. Some cameras allow you to make clean sweeping movement, incline at an angle, or zoom-in and out without any glitch.

While we have just two eyes, most DVR security systems support different number of CCTV security cameras (called channels) ranging from 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 up to 32 cameras.

These CCTV surveillance cameras are all connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system which acts as the brain (or event recorder).

They all work together to capture strange suspicious movements around your properties.

So, to both record and see the things that you want, you will need both the ‘eyes’ and the ‘brain’.

In other words, you need both CCTV surveillance system cameras and DVR security system recorders.

You can also think of the videos from the CCTV cameras as the input, the DVR recorder (using inbuilt DVR software) does the processing (i.e. recording) and the output is the display on your screen. It’s that simple!

Recently, one of my friends, Josh, went on a 2-weeks vacation. By the time he came back, someone had broken into his apartment.

They turned his apartment into heaps of rubbles and went away with loads of valuables. Surprisingly, nobody heard anything, not even his next door neighbor.

Was he worried? Hell no!

He’s got a superb digital home video surveillance camera actively monitoring his belongings.

He immediately went to replay the video recording footage of his 8 CCTV surveillance cameras which are connected to his multi-channel security digital video recorder.

Since his high-tech wireless home surveillance system can support many camera channels, Josh was smart enough to connect both indoor and outdoor security cameras which helped him to obtain different angle, multiple views of his looter.

Boy! Guess the faces of who popped up on the screen when he replayed the video footage….

The 16-years-old son of his neighbor with 3 other teenagers darting around his living room, bedroom and carting away his valuables into backpacks!

Top recommended DVR security camera system

Prime choice: Lorex Digital Home Video Surveillance Camera

You may also like to see other types that may suit your needs: standalone DVR, PC DVR, portable DVR, mobile DVR, touch screen DVR, wearable DVR, network video recorder and wireless DVR.

In fact, the degree of freedom offer by these DVR surveillance camera systems is enormous and they can offer you an unimaginable life saving intrusion footage no matter the level of crime in your neighborhood.

DVR security camera system are vital requirements for complete, fully equipped home security system or business security system to prevent theft and vandalism.

They can also be used to monitor a sleeping baby or keeping an eye on your pets or simply seeing who is ringing your doorbell.

DVR security camera system come in different ranges with great features which you can choose from to fit various needs and requirements.

There are various possibilities on the use of video surveillance DVR security camera system.

In fact a lot of people have even used it to obtain conclusive evidence against infidelity, abusive nannies, fishy personnel and the likes.

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