Using Spy Bugging Devices To Obtain Forensic Evidence

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Why use wireless spy bugging devices?

Without doubts, we all know there are lots of sick people in the world.
Sick in the sense that their thoughts, actions, and plans are to harm you, steal from you or invade your household to cart away your belongings.

While most people often think cell phone – mobile bugging devices and hidden spy cameras are for home surveillance, there are however smart surveillance ways one can effectively use wireless spy devices and mini video spy cameras.


Sometimes ago, I was reading an Italian newspaper published in English and I saw a very extreme use of wireless spy bug cameras, phone spy products and many other spy stuffs by a man named Don Vitalio.

Story of Don Vitalio is quite pathetic but shows how audio video surveillance equipment for spying can be used to obtain vital information that can bring bad, sick people to justice.

Don Vitalio was a successful banker with two sons and a loving wife. His eldest son, Alberto, in the college agreed to relieve his friend working at a gas station of his duty for one night.

Unfortunately, that night, robbers attacked the filling station and killed the young man – Alberto, leaving him in a large pool of blood.

Every effort by the police to apprehend the robbers went abortive.

Don Vitalio was devastated but he vowed to bring the perpetrator to justice. Don Vitalio took an unbelievable step. He went underground.

He was a banker by day but a vengeful spy by night using different James Bond spy bug gears and bugging devices, disguise wigs and covert hat camera with recording to disguise himself.

He purchased wireless video surveillance cameras and loads of outdoor spy cameras. He captured many spy camera videos using various spy recording and bugging devices.

He became friends with few of the suspects over time, earned their trust, bought them beers at bars and made them feel free to discuss with him as “partners-in-crime”.

Each night he went out wired with miniature handheld night vision spy camera with recorder, wearable spy camera, camera spy watch, button spy cameras,
spy camera pen, hat tiny spy camera, voice and motion activated secret spy cameras and several of these hands-free, body-worn spy cameras for covert recordings.

He even bugged their phones with mobile phone surveillance equipments and he used portable professional telephone voice changer to disguise his voice whenever he spoke with the gang members on phone.

Within 2 years while the case was still in court, Don Vitalio provided irrefutable evidences in court including footage where the gang members were jesting about how Don Vitalio son begged for his life before they murdered him!

Although Don Vitalio lost his job and his wife in his quest for vengeance, but he eventually got what he wanted. He was able to bring his son’s murderers to justice and earned the respect of the local law enforcement.

The benefits of having one or two security camera spy gears or bugging devices cannot be overemphasized.

While you do not have to be a Don Vitalio, there are certain other ways you can use a tiny spy camera or wearable body-worn spy cameras
to provide secret surveillance for your household.

Telephone voice changer can be a very effective tool giving you great disguise in case you do not want to reveal your identity.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your household at every cost and prevent harm from befalling your loved ones or losing your precious belongings.

According to police you cannot arrest someone for theft or any criminal activity based solely on suspicion.

Somebody either needs to witness the offense or you must get them on video surveillance spy cameras or wireless listening bugging devices during their unlawful act.

One way to get conclusive video evidence is using a mini small spy camera or spy bugging equipment.

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