Counter Spy Equipment

Have you ever wondered why the KGB were the world’s most effective information gathering organization?

It simply because of their impressive espionage (or spy) and counter surveillance tactics. The KGB secured the safety of prominent political figures and vital state property at any cost using sophisticated counter spy equipment.

In case you ever feel you and your family are being watched, you too could become your family’s KGB by protecting your family and valuables from embarrassing violation of privacy by investing in good spy bug detectors and other counter surveillance equipments.

You could use a wireless spy bug detector to effectively uncover all types of bugs from telephone bugs or taps, hidden video spy camera bugs and many more.

Recently, a businessman who was not aware that his phone has been tapped lost millions of dollars to his workers who arranged to have him robbed on his way to the bank.

One of his workers had tapped his phone, installed tiny hidden wireless video spy cameras in his office and secretly eavesdropped on his conversations.

Although the businessman mentioned that he had a “feeling” he was being spied on but he never took any active step or use any counter surveillance equipment to curtail or confirm his suspicion. He could have probably lost his life during the robbery attack!

A portable speech protection system with Built-in RF detector could have saved him from loss and life-threatening robbery attack.

There are different types of spy bug detectors you could choose from to save you from loss, humiliation or even help save you from harm. Most of these spy bug detector devices are quite portable, wireless, handy and very effective and they can detect bugs as far as 25 feets away.

For example, a vibrating pocket transmitter detector is a small silent frequency detector which detects and instantly alerts you when a secret transmitter is detected.

With the device hidden in your pocket, you can covertly monitor eavesdropping activity without alerting anyone that you are sweeping the premises for concealed bugs.

Whenever you have that “hunch” that something is not right about your environment that may not make it conducive for communication, simply bring out your spy bug detector to confirm or refute your suspicion.

Protect yourself from spying eyes, hidden wireless spy cameras and eavesdroppers by investing in a good spy bug detector.

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