Babysitter Wireless Surveillance Camera Reveals Sneaky Babysitter

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I am one of those people who would never under-estimate the usefulness of good home security system monitoring cameras.

Drawing from personal experience from few years ago, I never really gave much thought to having wireless surveillance systems for our home until we got married and had our first child.

… like other new parents, we got busy and very involved with our new boss in the house – our baby.

Since my wife and I are both very busy people we started considering the option of house helper to help with some basic house chores while my wife takes care of the baby.

This became even more imperative when my wife returned to work and we had to hire a babysitter to take care of our few months old baby.

I was not really comfortable with leaving our baby with a stranger but we had no choice.

Eventually … we found a way out!

My wife and I decided to invest in covert babysitter wireless surveillance camera to monitor our baby’s nanny from our offices.

We also added cheap small video camera here and there to increase the coverage and discreetly monitor our hired babysitter….

Fortunately enough, our first babysitter was good to our child… but sadly, she could only stay for few months… and then we hired another one…

At first we noticed our baby was always super-active at night when we returned from work… we had to stay with her and play long into the night before she could go back to sleep.

That really was strange to us until one morning, 45mins after the babysitter arrived; I arrived at my office and remotely connected to our home wireless surveillance camera system using my smart phone.

What I saw was quite unbelievable. I stood speechless watching a shocking video of our babysitter…

She was forcing our baby girl to ingest some sleeping pills!

… I can’t even imagine what more this babysitter have done to our little girl…. and what could have happened if we had not found out on time.

She could probably have given our daughter drug overdose!

Thanks to a residential wireless indoor surveillance camera we installed inside in our living rooms. We were able to catch her red-handed.

I guess she was too used to drugging babies that she did not notice the home security cameras systems.

We later discovered, a professional company with dedicated staff who helped us to connect with our current babysitter within our area.

Parents, if you want to completely secure your house, properties and your children, it is important to consider having a comprehensive home security and surveillance equipments that allow you to monitor your home remotely.

Nothing beats having good child caregiver and excellent home wireless surveillance cameras.

In our case, we bought this to provide total security solutions for our home.

There are so many people with different experiences with nannies and babysitters.

Some people have used their hidden nanny cameras to obtain conclusive evidences of abuse and other related events.

You can share your experience with us and others who visit our sites. Feel free to write as much as you wish, you may even upload some photos to drive home your point.

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