Alarm Monitoring

You see, choosing a residential alarm monitoring company is not a difficult process but it is definitely NOT the first thing to do.

Do not decide on a home alarm monitoring company until you have reviewed ALL the other options available to you including the suitability of a FREE home security system.

These options may even include DIY DVR security camera systems which do not have recurrent monthly cost. You can also consider opting for one of the free home security sytems.

Listed here are few points to note when considering free wireless home alarms systems. The page also lists some of the top rated home security companies offering free home security systems.

Evidently, home security system monitoring will guarantee that police will be alerted in case a break-in has occur (Although “when” police will arrive may be another issue).

When police respond to any security system alarm, there must be an evidence to authenticate the break-in. This can be done in 3 ways: video surveillance, audio surveillance or event sensor trigger.

Home video surveillance involve using strategically positioned video cameras around the house, while audio surveillance use microphones to listen to any activity within the premises after the alarm is activated.

On using house alarm, see below, 5 points you must consider before signing home surveillance systems monitoring service contract with your provider.

Some security camera DVR systems are also packed with wireless IP camera that you can use to monitor your home real-time even on your smart phone from anywhere and at any time.


  • Ask yourself, do I really need a house alarm monitoring company to monitor my home?
  • Have I explored other home surveillance systems options available to me?
  • Can I afford the monthly security system monitoring service charges an other asociated costs?

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